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A reliable phone system is a key part of any organization.

NORSTAR Networks can help you find the best fit for your business


For businesses looking to simplify communications processes and free up IT teams to focus on core business deliverables, a cloud phone service is an ideal fit.

Designed on the same codebase as our on-premises phone system, Mitel Connect CLOUD is engineered for maximum reliability and functionality without the efforts of onsite maintenance. An "end-to-end" solution, Mitel engineers every aspect - from the phones to the cloud architecture to the applications software - so that you have one hand to shake for your entire business VoIP solution.

Mitel’s cloud IP phone services go beyond just dial tone to deliver rich unified communications, flexible collaboration tools and convenient mobility options that are easy to implement and easy to use from your desk, your home office or anywhere in between.



Mitel onsite IP phone systems pioneered a fundamentally different approach to IP PBX technology. Built strategically on a single-image architecture, the Mitel Connect ONSITE IP phones and unified communications grow across as many sites or continents as you need. 

Our distributed architecture is incorporated into a unique onsite, appliance-based, IP PBX where each switch and site functions as an independent call processor, eliminating single points of failure and resulting in 99.999% availability. Plus, IT staff can easily manage the entire system through an intuitive web-based interface.

Mitel's on-premises IP PBX phone system also offers the lowest Total Cost of Operation (TCO) in the industry, with many customers reporting a ROI within a year. With powerful unified communications features and pre-built integrations with popular business applications, Mitel VoIP phone systems make it easier than ever to streamline business interactions and help you get more out of your most valuable assets: people and information.



When you need the flexibility of the cloud but want to still retain onsite control of primary phone system components, a hybrid PBX solution can be the perfect fit. Hybrid deployment models are also ideally suited to organizations that are looking to make a phased migration to using a fully cloud-based phone service.

Mitel Connect HYBRID gives you the mix and match to perfectly meet the needs of your business by deploying our onsite phone system while conveniently adding productivity applications or satellite locations via the cloud. Cloud applications such as fax, voicemail transcription and contact center functionality can be added on-demand, helping increase employee productivity while minimizing the impact on IT teams.

Plus, for businesses experiencing rapid growth or supporting remote workers, Mitel’s hybrid phone system also makes it possible to turn up new users or locations via the cloud and manage everything from a single portal.