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A Letter From Mitel

Mitel Completes ShoreTel Acquisition 
Today, Mitel announced that it has completed its acquisition of ShoreTel. I wanted to immediately share with you our excitement about the combination of the two companies, and to outline what this means for you. 
Stronger together as a UCaaS market leader 
As of today, Mitel and ShoreTel are now one company – Mitel – with #2 market share in the global Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) space. Stronger together, we are ideally positioned to lead in this high-growth market. As enterprises around the world look to move to the cloud and digitally transform their businesses, Mitel is able to take customers to the cloud seamlessly and simply, with a unique suite of cloud solutions and applications, investment protection, and a technology path to the future.  
We believe this combination is a powerful one. I encourage you to watch the video with Mitel CEO Rich McBee explaining how powering connections now becomes brilliantly simple. What this acquisition means for ShoreTel customers 
With the acquisition now complete, we begin the work of integrating the two companies as seamlessly as possible. Our top priority is to ensure that we continue to deliver high-quality solutions and support with little to no disruption to day-to-day operations. This means that today it is business as usual.  

  • No changes to our customer relationships.  

  • No changes to the purchasing processes.  

  • No changes to the ShoreTel portfolio.

  • No changes to the Mitel portfolio. We are currently working to complete an integrated portfolio roadmap, and any changes we anticipate making will be communicated well in advance.  

Over time we will explore opportunities to consolidate the supply chains of the two companies. Be assured that we will be communicating any new developments as they happen. 
In the meantime, click Frequently Asked Questions to help address any of your immediate questions. Should you need additional information, please do not hesitate to ask your ShoreTel contact, or contact me directly. 
Todd Abbott

Executive Vice President of Global Sales Mitel 

Mitel Press Release


Mitel Completes Acquisition of ShoreTel

Combined Company Ideally Positioned to Take Customers to the Cloud Seamlessly and Simply as a Global UCaaS Market Leader



Mitel® (Nasdaq:MITL) (TSX:MNW), a global leader in business communications, today announced the completion of its acquisition of ShoreTel. With this addition, Mitel has accelerated its move-to-the-cloud strategy, shifting into the #2 market share position for UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) globally* as customers worldwide look for cloud and cloud-capable solutions to digitally transform their businesses.

Seamless and simple cloud communications and collaboration solutions for customers

"Digital transformation is rapidly changing business models in every industry and every corner of the globe, opening the door to disruptive opportunities for companies to grow and compete. For businesses, moving to a cloud communications and collaboration system inside their own organizations is a natural first step on their digital transformation journey," said Rich McBee, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mitel. "Mitel and ShoreTel are now stronger together and even better equipped to help take our customers to the cloud, seamlessly and simply."

Stronger together with rich cloud culture and offering

With the market moving further and faster to a cloud footing, McBee highlighted the success ShoreTel's management team and employees have had in transforming their business to meet changing customer needs and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

"In an apps economy and IoT world that depends on real-time communications, providing an agile, responsive and brilliantly simple customer experience becomes wildly important," said McBee. "Don Joos and the entire ShoreTel team have institutionalized and mobilized that mantra, and put in place a cloud-first portfolio we are excited to take to customers globally, and a cloud-culture and organization we are thrilled to embrace and expand in Mitel."

Stronger together, with highly complementary cloud architectures, Mitel expects to share the vision for its integrated cloud and applications technologies early in 2018.

Seamless solutions to take all customers to the cloud with lifecycle support

Consistent with Mitel's vision of providing customers with seamless communications and collaboration, a design philosophy of always providing customers a technology path to the future, and a corporate commitment to ensuring business continuity, Mitel and ShoreTel customers and partners can continue to count on the same cloud and on-site solutions they always have. Mitel will provide ongoing service and support for all products throughout their lifecycles. Customers and partners will be notified and updated in advance of all product announcements.

"Regardless if you are a small business owner or the IT director for a Fortune 500 company, digitally transforming your organization to leverage business applications in the cloud, connect remote workers, and access collaboration tools that work in and out of the office, can be daunting. But it doesn't have to mean ripping out everything already in place or stranding investments already made," said Elka Popova, Vice President and Senior Fellow, Connected Work and Digital Experience, Frost and Sullivan. "Companies need a pragmatic blueprint to move to the cloud, and with ShoreTel solutions now part of Mitel's portfolio, Mitel is better-positioned to offer that kind of rational choice to more businesses so that customers can have their cake and eat it too."

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